Friday, April 12, 2013

Trees, Roots and Parking

Just got a load of evergreens and a few Japanese Maples, Aspens and Flowering trees out of Oregon. These are beautiful!!!
Japanese Maple

Dwarf Globe & Norway Spruce

Mugo, Ponderosa, Vanderwolf, & Austrian Pine

Colorado Blue Spruce

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

***Also this year we are carrying Raspberry Plants, Asparagus Crowns, Potato Sets and arriving soon, Horseradish Roots and Shallot & Onion Sets***

Due to the traffic congestion caused by three businesses trying to share a common space, we are asking that anyone who is able to climb the stairs to park in our lower parking lot. It is easier to get around down there and if you need bagged goods we can load them for you right from the pallets.
If you are not able to climb steps please feel free to park by the upper gate. Thanks in advance for the cooperation.

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