Sunday, May 2, 2010


I must first admit that I have told a lie in a previous blog. It wasn't a lie when I told it but it is now. We now have a greenhouse so that we can get tomatoes and other vegetables early for those of you who want to plant in Wall-o-Waters, have a greenhouse to keep them in until the weather is right to plant or just want to push the season. So our new (slightly used) greenhouse is stocked with all kinds of vegetables for your buying pleasure.

But the real subject of this blog is fertilizing. Since plants have begun to actively grow, it is time to encourage and feed that growth with an application of fertilizer. Nourishing all of your landscape plants can be a very simple process. Even though the big fertilizer companies like Scott's and Miracle-Gro would have you believe that you need a different fertilizer for Tomatoes, Perennials, Annuals, Lawns and Fruit Trees; the truth is you really only need one or two different blends on all of your plants. Look at the numbers or chemical analysis on the fertilizer bag. Nitrogen, the first number is for green leafy growth. Phosphorus, the second number encourages healthy blooms, roots and fruits. Potash or Potassium is the third number and it is for overall hardiness, strong stems and branches, and disease resistance. We carry Fox Farm's Peace of Mind organic fertilizers. There is a Fruit and Flower which is higher in Phosphorus and a Tomato and Vegetable which is a little higher in Nitrogen. We also have Yum Yum Mix which is a very balanced, organic, all purpose, vegetarian (no animal products) blend. The other fertilizer that we have always sold is Gro-Power which is formulated with our southwest alkaline soil in mind. There are two different blends which contain 6-7% humic acid derived from compost. This helps break up compacted soil, encourages biological activity and promotes water conservation. Sulphur is also added to control the Ph and unlock available iron. We recommend using Gro-Power Hi-Nitro for lawns at a rate of 7 lbs. per 1000 square feet. It can also be used to fertilize any evergreen trees or shrubs by applying 1/2 cup for every 5 feet of height. The analysis of the Hi-Nitro is 14-4-9. This means it is highest in Nitrogen which in addition to producing dark green vegetative growth, increases protein content in food crops and helps plants use moisture more efficiently. For all of your flowering trees and shrubs, fruit trees, perennials, annuals and vegetable gardens Gro-Power Flower & Bloom 3-12-12. It is low in Nitrogen but high in the primary elements Phosphorus and Potash. Use Flower & Bloom at the rate of 2 lbs. per 100 square feet of bed area or for individual plants apply 1 cup per 8 feet of height or width whichever is greater. Now you know that a couple of different fertilizers are all you need to feed your entire landscape and vegetable garden. This will keeps costs down and minimize labor.