Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Almost there!

We have been very busy getting the nursery ready to open on March 26th. A truckload of soil and hardgoods has been unloaded. Hardgoods being anything that doesn't require water. Next we made the long drive to our perennial plug grower and picked up some beautiful new plants plus some old favorites. These have been potted into #1  containers and they will be ready for sale, depending on the weather, by late April or early May. Here are some of our new products.

Classic Brands 'More Birds' Songbird Feeders and Hummingbird Feeders. We went with Classic Brands feeders because the company actually researched 1000 bird lovers to see what they wanted in a feeder. The information they gathered led them to implement the following features on the Songbird Feeders:
  • Easy Fill. All of the feeders have wide fill openings.The tube feeder has a funnel top.
  • Easy Clean. Each feeder has removable tops, sides and bottoms and are dishwasher safe.
  • Stay Full Port. All of the ports stay full even when the seed gets low.
  • Attract More Birds. Most feeders make the birds put their heads into the feeder and they lose their peripheral vision which makes them concerned about predators. These feeders bring the food out to the birds and have large round perches where the birds can sit in any position and feel safe and comfortable. 
  • Choose Your Birds. With a changeable shutter you can serve any kind of seed or thistle. The perches also adjust for larger or smaller birds.

We are carrying the 'Harmony' which has a 2 pound capacity and 6 feeding ports and the 'Abundance' that has a 6 pound capacity. Here is a link to some feeding tips that 'More Birds' provides. Feeding Tips

The attributes they applied to the Hummingbird Feeders are:
  • Easy Fill. Wide mouths and flat bottoms make these very easy to fill.
  • Easy Clean. Each feeder base comes apart and has a large opening.
  • Lots of Features. The feeders have more feeding ports, built in perches and bee guards. 
The two Hummingbird Feeders we chose are the 'Elixir' an antique red bottle with burnt penny finish, holding 13 ounces and sporting 5 perches and the 'Diamond' which holds 30 ounces and has a built-in ant moat.

Paradise Bay Hats. These are the classic straw hats that last forever and provide good shade from our intense sun. We sold them at our old nursery and have had many requests to bring them back. They sell for under $10.00.

Ocean Forest Potting Soil and Fox Farm Fertilizers. The nursery will continue to sell these high quality soils and fertilizers and have managed to keep the prices either the same or a little less than last year!

Bird Netting, Frost Guard, Landscape Grade Weed Barrier and Shade Cloth by the foot, Pond Pumps, Benches, Organic Fertilizers and Insecticides, Redwood Trellises, Plastic Pots, Super Saucers, Rain Gauges, Birdbaths, Deer Stopper, Tree Stakes, even more Beautiful Glazed Pottery and new Yard Art. 

Again this year we will only be announcing sales and new arrivals on our blog. If you subscribe you will be among the first to know. Subscribe now by entering your email address in the box below "Subscribe via email" and hit the "Subscribe" button. You will then receive an email from Feedburner which you have to respond to to activate your subscription. It is that easy and you will then get any new posts we make. You will not receive any other emails or spam by subscribing to our blog. We will be giving away a $25.00 gift certificate to a lucky subscriber on May 1st. This will be a random drawing and the winner will be notified by email.  You don't need to do anything except subscribe or already be subscribed to enter.

Thanks again for your continued support and we hope to see you soon!

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